How Tos: Sweet Sushi part I

sweet-sushi-ingredients-edit.jpgThe sweet sushi was a no-brainer, so of course it nearly defeated me. I made a half batch of the rice crispy treats, and they were simple enough. Mr. Gillian #2 tasted the rice crispy doo-dads before I started messing with them, and pronounced them “yummy”.


But then I then started (struggling with) melting the stupid white chocolate and regular chocolate and trashed the kitchen and burnt my fingers trying to neatly dip the bases and got tired of waiting for the fuckers to set up and I swear to God, it was that stupid astronaut uniform for Tony’s Cabbage Patch Kid all. Over. Again. *


Overall, I am relatively satisfied with the final results. However, I got so stressed out I ate too much Hagan Daz Rocky Road Ice Cream and wasted spent time yelling at the Chargers for winning. That’s right, winning. If you are a Chargers fan, you understand. If not, well, sucks to be me. Stupid football. Why must you taunt me so?

As you can see from the picture, though, they look good. The ones pictured and the ones I ignored in my frustration are headed off to FP tomorrow. That’s right, I’m foisting them off on my unsuspecting co-workers. Suckers.

I feel like I should try this again, though, because if I were brave, I’d give you the link to the ones that inspired mine. Oh, what the hell, here you go. Go look. My ego can take it. Back? Had a good giggle? Be that way. See if I care! (okay, I do, but whatever)


*In 1986 Tony wanted an Astronaut Cabbage Patch Kid and I couldn’t find one. In my naiveté, I decided to make the uniform for him. And it was the hardest damn thing I’ve ever made! My old sewing machine – hell, all sewing machines – hate lame. I even quilted the helmet. He loved it, but oh, my Lord, it was a nightmare.

One Response to How Tos: Sweet Sushi part I

  1. Shannon Crocker says:

    Food Critics Reveiw (From Coworker): Upon first seeing the delightful little treats I was most impressed by the chinese lettering adorning the plate. Since I am responsible for eating almost every single piece I would like to give a little recap for the those who got there after me. Simply delicious! Perfection! Bravo!

    Next week. . . Wasabi (which was made with marscapone cheese) Cannoli? Think of the possibilities!

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